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The Scaregrounds presented by Mid-Valley Auto is a Multi-Haunt House Attraction that also offers OutBreak: Zombie Paint Ball from Red Dot Paint Ball, Selfie Stations, Food Vendors, Scaregrounds Merchandise booth from Atomic Screen Printing and loads of scary fun.
Location: The Scaregrounds is located on the Benton County Fairgrounds, 1500 S Oak Street, Kennewick, WA 99337
Dates: October 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31 Kids Days 22 & 29
Hours: Wednesdays & Thursdays 7pm to 10pm, - Friday, Saturdays & Halloween 7pm to 11pm - Kids Days 1pm to 4pm

Admission Type
VIP Pass - This ticket includes the OutBreak: Paint Ball , All Haunts, Use of the Entry Fast Lane for the night purchased. We ONLY 100 per night - Price $80
3 Haunt Pass - One trip thru each of our Main Haunts including Infected, Terror behind the Screen-Evil Dead and Freakshow 3D - Note: if you don’t get all the Haunt in one night, just come back and finish with a second visit to the Scaregrounds. All Passes, Tickets or Coupons expire Nov 1, 2016 - Price $35
OutBreak: Zombie Paint Ball by Red Dot Paint Ball - One Trip thru the Zombie Paint Ball Course Note: All equipment Provided - Price $20
Single Haunt Pass - One trip thru “either” Infected or Terror behind the Screen or Freakshow 3D Price $20
Kids Days (Oct 22 & 29) 1- 4pm One trip thru the Haunts - Just $7 per person

the Main Haunts for 2016 are:
Terror behind the Screen Presented by Atomic Screen Print & Embroidery -- This Fall at the Scaregrounds, Terror Behind the Screen will conjure unrelenting evil in an elaborately themed haunted maze based on the movie s in the style of Evil Dead series of films.
InFected Presented by Tri-City Lumber -- A genetically engineered virus that was originally created as a cure for the common cold, turns into a lethal strain. It kills 75% of those it infects, mutates 23% into flesh eating, zombie like, creatures with incredible strength and speed. 2% are immune.
Freakshow 3D Presented by Loni’s Sign Service -- (2015)The carnival is in town! Blinking lights, twirling rides, and plenty of laughs… FOR US! Our clowns aren’t happy! You’ll get a scream out of sideshow attractions, twisted food vendors, demented performers and disgusting clowns – ALL IN 3D.

Special New Attractions
OutBreak: Zombie Paint Ball Presented by Red Dot Paint Ball -- "Are you ready to bring the paint down on the zombie horde? You can at OutBreak: Zombie Paintball. Climb atop our battle ready wagon mounted with twenty paintball turrets.
New Haunt; HillBilly Hell -- We dare you to enter the evil realm of Hatchet's family farm. During the depression William (Billy) Hatchet inherited land that the locals called Devils Hollow.

All On-Line Tickets MUST Be exchanged at the Fairgrounds Gate for a Haunt Boarding Pass corresponding with the ticket(s) purchased.
No one will be admitted to the Scaregrounds who is Drunk, Impaired on Drugs, wearing a Mask, has a simulated weapon or is deemed a security risk. NO GUNS OR WEAPONS
Without refund a guest will be asked to leave if they touch props, sets, actors, other guests or cause the enjoyment of other guest(s) to be diminished by action, impairment of the attraction or failure to follow instruction of the Scaregrounds Staff. If the guest(s) don’t follow the instruction of the Scaregrounds staff the guest(s) maybe trespassed and police called.
All Ticket, Passes or Coupons Expire November 1, 2016 - NO REFUNDS

Restrictions  Age Restrictions -
The Scaregrounds in normal operations is rated PG-13. That means we’ll only let 11 and 12 year old in if and adult is with them. You know your kids, if you think your 9 year old can handle it, we’ll leave that decision to you. But you enter a Haunt during normal operation and your kid gets scare and takes heads for the exit early, NO REFUND.

Kids Days presented by Tire Factory will be less scary - think haunted house “lite”. Kids day are Oct 22 and 29 from 1pm to 4pm. For further info look for Kids Day info on this website

Benton County Fairgrounds
1500 S. Oak Street
Kennewick , WA 99337

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